Greenpoint, Brooklyn

The first Brooklyn Neighborhood of my series is Greenpoint.  I will be using NYC Go. a City-run website, as a reference for this series, to supplement my photos and my own opinions.

Greenpoint is a little out of the way, with only one train line and no direct access through that line to Manhattan.  It borders the neighboring borough of Queens. It is a busy, spirited neighborhood and worth the trouble to visit, especially if you have any Polish heritage.

NYC Go’s description of this neighborhood, by writer Christina Parrella, was in complete agreement with my own assessment, so I am inserting two quotes from it below, the text in italics.

Greenpoint Avenue
Busy Greenpoint Avenue
Street art on McGuinness
Street art, on the front of a vacant industrial space

Whichever you prefer—traditional or contemporary—Greenpoint’s homey, unpretentious vibe is palpable, and makes exploring the neighborhood a low-key pleasure.

A curiously timbered building on Greenpoint Avenue
A typical Greenpoint street scene

Greenpoint is in transition. Although Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood retains much of its gritty industrial allure, an influx of residents over the past two decades has altered the area’s character, bringing new faces to what was once a predominantly Polish-American immigrant community

The slideshow below is from an evening at the Greenpoint Gallery, where I was able to show two photographs as part of their monthly Double Decker salon.  The arts scene is alive and well in Greenpoint!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading!

PS for more about Greenpoint on WordPress, see these posts by other bloggers!

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