Brooklyn Neighborhoods Series!

10/28/18:  I’ve now completed this 5 post series.  Which is your favorite neighborhood?

Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO

Prospect Heights

Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay

Marine Park


Over the past year, I’ve spent more time travelling by local bus.  While it is not always a joy, one bonus to traveling down Brooklyn’s small, dense streets at a slow speed is that you get to observe the seemingly countless “sections” of the borough in all of their bustle and color.  Brooklyn, like the rest of New York city, is a county (Kings) and a borough (Brooklyn)  made of up dozens of smaller but usually distinct neighborhoods.  

Fall is the perfect time for this series, as I think that Brooklyn looks its best this time of year…the longer shadows and cooler light, the still dense late summer vegetation beginning to fade and turn colorful…and all the residents back to school and work.

I will Pingback to the series posts’ below.  Enjoy!

September 23, 2018: first post on GREENPOINT.


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