Striving to be Agile of Body and Mind


Today’s Daily Post Word is Agile.  This is a word that until this mid-point in my life would have made me think immediately of my dancing adventures.  I have, after all, been dancing in living rooms, at local dance studios, university dance departments, big-city dance studios, at social dance soirees and quirky indy venues for for four decades.


Tango dancers in Montreal

As I grow older, however, being agile of mind seems even more important.  I’ve always had a good, restless mind.  I manage change well and enjoy learning new things.  I love travel- the ultimate learning activity- and as a result, have extensively explored cities in four continents.  International travel certainly requires agility.

First time on a camel

Me. on a camel in Qatar- photo credit Berdj Mora

Now I’ve come to the point where I realize that learning new things is about more than beefing up my already solid resume or repertoire.  It is about staying agile, remaining mentally alert, challenging myself, learning more about myself, keeping myself interested in life and not succumbing to the drudgery of the daily grind.

Cheers to Agility!

On the rocks

Me at Dukhan, Qatar, Photo credit Kim Sturgess


Non-Verbal Conversation

Conversation — Prompts – The Daily Post

As a lifelong dancer, I propose that dance is the ultimate non-verbal form of communication, as it requires no verbal or written language, no technology or instrument other than the human body.  It produces conversations that can transcend languages, borders and centuries.  It can soothe, incite, problem-solve, entertain, arouse, affect, remember, etc, just like conventional verbal conversation.   Dance is elusive and hard to photograph, but here are some of my favorites that I have managed to capture over the years.

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2017: New Ways of Seeing

When 2016 ended, I was happy to see it go.  It was a confusing and somewhat turbulent year for me personally, and the general mood in my city did little to soothe.  Now that we have turned the page on 2017, I can say that personally I had a much more positive year.  Myself aside though, in 2017 it seemed as if my city, my country and the world as a whole was losing its footing.  To put some positivity out into the blog-o-sphere, I feel inspired to share my own year in review, through my favorite photographs.  In 2017 found myself in a search for beauty and new ways of seeing .  I hope that you enjoy this journey.


A decades-long awaited reveal- the first stations of the Second Avenue Subway open.


The darkest months don’t keep me down.  I take advantage of a mild winter with my camera in tow.  An art exhibit on the life of and influences on Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum is the beginning of months of exploration for me artistically.



New ways of seeing: a photography course at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden pushes me to look beyond the cityscape and scenes directly taken from urban life.


Continuing to focus on new imagery…


I turn my attention back to New York City, but with a fresh perspective.


With the turning of the seasons, the light softens and colors mute.  Dry weather all summer even dulls the fall colors.  The mood darkens but there is still great imagery to explore in New York City.

Chords for the Eyes and the Ears


Yesterday I was lucky enough to encounter beautiful music in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park. The pleasing chords trilling through the fall air caught my attention in what can be an overly noisy scene. The shiny grand piano in the middle of a path drew me closer.

I listened happily for a while to Chopin, Glass and Rachmaninoff, then started to walk away when I noticed the piano’s inner workings and shot the chords as I peeked under the hood.20171104_215002


Waiting for the Bus at Sundown

  1. 20170307_17253320170307_173813I  tend to wax poetic in my posts about New York City. Today I will not cover art, music, dance or culture. I will simply share some photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy 7 camera while enduring an extra long wait for the bus in Brooklyn. Waiting, after all, is part of contemporary life, especially for urbanites.


Tree(s) Grow in the Bronx (Riverdale)

This is a mini post to serve as an update to last summer’s chronicle of my trip to The Bronx’s Grand Concourse neighborhood. Two friends and I recently went back to the area, braving the January chill to climb the many hills of Riverdale in the Northwest Bronx.

It was a great escape, we felt like we had travelled Upstate, but in fact we never left New York City.  There’s a lovely, leafy suburban vilkage feeling to the place, even in the dead of winter.

If  you go, I recommend fortifying yourself at Tin Marin, where you can enjoy tasty tapas and drinks in avrelaxed setting.

Season’s Greetings

As we gather together at the end of a troubled year, I wish to offer this sentiment:

Attempt to up-cycle the past, reconstructing it into something more positive and shining in 2017.  Hug your friends and family, note your recent accomplishments, and be glad!


A light fixture made of upcycled auto tail lights illuminates the Montreal Science Centre

Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing


On 9/11/16, about 100 other New Yorkers and I went to a pier on Manhattan’s west side to dance Argentine tango.  The event takes place every Sunday, weather permitting, but this evening as the sun went down we were also in a prime spot to view the annual commemoration, via a beam of light, of that tragic day now 15 years in the past, when our city was attacked by terrorists.

Now that the new Freedom tower is up, the light beam memorial looks a little different. This is a quick photo taken on my phone that doesn’t do the image justice, but I feel it definitely conveys the concept of Missing.