Mead Botanical Garden: Trellises

On weekend mornings, I try to find a place to walk with my little dog that makes us both feel like we’ve left our downtown environment for the woods. This weekend, we went to Mead Botanical Garden, located just ten minutes by car Downtown Orlando, in the town of Winter Park.

He loves Mead!

It is not a botanical garden in the traditional sense- it is more wild than tame- and there’s no admission fee. That being said, the Garden is lovely and some work is being done to make sure it stays that way, which I was happy to see on my most recent visit.

In fact, there are so many different elements that a photographer can focus on in the Garden that I chose a few and am going to share them one post at a time. Today, it is the Trellis. I hope that you enjoy the photos!

More photos of Mead to come!

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