Supporting My Photo Habit

Happy Sunday everyone!  As I grow as a photographer, I find that I need MORE…more education, more equipment, more inspiration, more practice!  Of course, I’m fortunate to live in New York City, which is the capital of MORE.

In order to finance my photo habit and its progression, and also to get my name and point of view out there, I have begun trying to sell my work.  Many of my images are simple and bold so I thought that they might look great on textiles and other printable items.  Other images of mine are more nuanced, which are great for art prints.

I found a place to post a smattering of my work.  Society6 prints on everything from stickers to metal and wood prints and pillows to bedspspreads. Their range is amazing!

My shop:

I’d love to know that something of mine is in your home or office.  Cheers!

Below are 3 images featured in my shop, available on many kinds of products.


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