Orlando Remembers the Pulse Massacre

I was not living in Orlando in 2016, but at the time I remember not being able to fathom the impact of 49 people dead. Innocent people simply enjoying a night out. Now that I live in Orlando, I have an even greater idea of the horrific impact this must have had on the area. The family, friends, co-workers and neighbors of the murdered victims must number in the hundreds, if not thousands, in a town of 310,000.

Every year, a local church rings a their bell 49 times and a remembrance ceremony takes place. An official Memorial is still in the making, but the former nightclub site remains as a temporary one. Just a few days ago, as I drove by, I saw people there, paying tribute. (photo below by One Pulse Foundation).

I long for a day when tragedies like this one will not be commonplace in our country.

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