Urban Trail Tale

I live in the northern-most portion of downtown Orlando. It’s lovely because, while still walkable, with an urban feel, I am only a stone’s through away from the leafy, townie neighborhoods of Ivanhoe Village and College Park. It’s two atmospheres in one.

Naturally, nobody in my immediate area was happy when, just as the massive Interstate 4 project project just west of of us was wrapping up, a new project began – the Orlando Urban Trail Gap Project.

Well, we’ve made it through the 8 month project – almost! It looks great, but there some pavers that seem to be missing at one point and we haven’t regained all of our lost streelamps or garbage cans. The garbage cans, in particular are sorely needed, especially since we gained some benches, which are sure to bring snackers and drinkers.

Anyway, I documented the stages, and here they are. Orlando is becoming more pedestrian, bike and scooter friendly all the time, which is lovely in car-dependent Florida.






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