A Quintessential New York Diner

Diners were literally part of New York City culture in the 20th Century. Many have struggled in this century, and many have been lost.

On a recent trip to New York, I visited The Buccaneer, a diner in Elmhurst, Queens, about 1 mile from LaGuardia Airport, and accessible by city bus from the airport.

The Buccaneer isn’t actually old by NYC diner standards, established in 1976. It does have a dusty, nostalgic look and feel though. The tabletop jukebox is a nice touch, although not original, since it plays CDs. The marble walls and floors are diner-ish, as is the combination of both and counter seating and the “side bar” as I call it.

The menu is standard diner fare, large portions for an average price. The service was attentive and friendly even though business was brusk.

I recommend The Buccaneer if you need to fortify yourself en route to LaGuardia!

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