Orlando, The City Beautiful, in Fall

I’ve mentioned before that I live in the center of the City of Orlando, known as The City Beautiful. Greater Orlando which encompasses Orange County and some neighboring towns, but The City Beautiful is the City itself. Built by a combinaton of winter visitors from points north, workers and planters in the citrus industry and a major dairy beginning about 120 years ago, the Citytoday is truly a gem. It has come into its own and managed to keep up with times, gracefully.

Athough a few of our world famous Amusement Parks are within city boundaries, the majority are not, in fact most are not even in Orange County. The City is home to many that work in the tourism industry, but not reached by many of the Parks’ visitors.

Here a few images from October morning walks in Orlando, neighborhoods, Central Business District (top and bottom) Ivanhoe Village second row, Lake Eola Heights and Baldwin Park third row.

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