Florida Road Trip #3 – Neptune Beach

For the third post featuring places worth visiting that are three hours or less from my home base of Orlando, I’m featuring Neptune Beach. This town is almost imperceptably bordered by Atlantic Beach to the north and the much larger Jacksonville Beach to the South. One thing that makes Neptune Beach feel different is its true beach vibe.

People may live, work and go to school here, but that is not so obvious as in the neighboring areas. Neptune seems to be all about its little slice of beautiful Atlantic coast. Many of the beaches along this “first coast” as it is known have small dunes anchored by sea oats and other grasses. That is an interesting feature, because it is uncommon in the state of Florida.

This area is known as a good surfing beach as well. Hang ten, dude! Neptune Beach is a great stop for a low-key beach day. Even my little dog agrees, and he’s a nervous one.

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