A Summer Day in Sanford, Florida

On a hot August day, I took a short ride northeast to Sanford, about 20 miles from Orlando. All I really knew about the town was that the Amtrak Auto-train has a station there and that it is well known for craft breweries and beer. There are three breweries there, several more establishments that sell various craft brews, and even a shop to get the home-brewer started.

I found the town to be be pleasant, with broad brick-paved streets and a lovely view of Lake Monroe and a sliver of the long-running St. John’s River.

For those that like small town centers, beer or German Cuisine (Hollerbach’s grocery and Willow Tree Cafe), a trip to Sanford is in order. There’s also an interesting gallery- Janine Taylor’s Folk Art Museum, where I got a little something for my wall.

I hope that you enjoy this brief photo tour.

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