Florida Garden Life in Black and White

Although, like most people, I default to color photography, I do enjoy experimenting with converting certain images to black and white. Here are a few that I have grouped together into a series called Reverie. With the edits that I applied to these photographs, I was seeking to bring out some drama or even to overlay a human emotion on the image. The floating flower, entitled Reverie, recently won an Honorable Mention in a Florida-wide contest.

Each image was captured at either Sholom Park in Ocala, Florida or Mead Botanical Garden in Orlando.

If you enjoy photography, take a look at my other WordPress site LensMomentsNS that is dedicated to my photography. You can hover over any image below for the full view, too. Thanks for stopping by my garden.

top left: Overwhelmed , 2021, top center: Indecision, 2020, top right: Reverie, 2020, Bottom: Violence 2020

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