A Winter Park Welcome

Florida is now truly emerging from its Pandemic slumber. Although as a state, we were one of the first to emerge from lockdown, many people and buisnesses used common sense and curtailed their activities. Now, with the emergence of spring weather and many more vaccinated people- myself included- the sidewalks and shops are beginning to fill up again.

As a heavily tourist-dependent region, the Orlando area is not out of the woods yet, but it is a hopeful sign that at least locals are out and about in force.

A Winter Park Welcome is the slogan that is on the signs letting you know that you’ve entered the town. It calls itself a city, but feels like a town. The central area is compact with tight, small streets laid out long ago, but the town sprawls out well beyond that. While definitely affluent, there are people from many walks of life that call Winter Park home, especially among year-round population.

I hope you enjoy this little tour in pictures.

Top row:

Virginia Street- streets are named after states and regions, potter and sculpture outside Hannibal Square Heritage Center, Farmers Market

Bottom row:

Emily’sfountain in Central Park, Overgrown house, the original farmers market building, currently not in use

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