Saturday Morning at Lotte Plaza, an Asian Supermarket in Orlando

I’m sure that you’ve heard about Mickey and Minnie, about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, about performing killer whales (orca), and other touristic Orlando highlights. However did you know that Orlando has a thriving, multi-ethnic Asian Community?

I happen to live in an area that has been and sometimes is still known as Little Saigon. About 1,000 Vietnamese refugees settled in Orlando in the mid 1970s at the end of the war, since then, these families have been flourishing in much larger numbers in the decades since. The tri-county area of Orange, Seminole and Osceola also has a sizeable Korean community and there are many Filippinos in the area as well.

This means that Asian supermarkets and restaurants abound. You could truly sample an Asian cuisine every night and not repeat a restaurant for years!

My favorite one is Lotte Plaza Market, a “hypermarket” to borrow a term from the East, which means that it is a grocery but also has a food court, bakery and small buisnesses within. It also carries a lot of Japanese items, which I am partial too, as well as produce and staples for many other tastes.

Here are a few images from my latest visit. Stay tuned for the next “Did you know…” about Orlando!

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