Lake Lily, Maitland, Florida

There are three incredibly charming towns that have their own postal codes and governance that extend directly out of the center of Orlando. Without the tourist and local traffic from surrounding Orlando, I doubt that they would have survived so well, but each definitely has its own charm.

I’ve posted before about things to do and see in Winter Park (see Rollins College and the Grounds of the Albin Polasek Museum) and Altamonte Springs (see Cranes Roost Park), but hadn’t yet covered Maitland.

The centerpiece of Maitland is its Cultural Corridor which starts at Lake Lily Park, includes the adjacent Maitland Civic Center, the historic Maitland Library building, the Maitland Senior Center, the Maitland Historical Museum, the Antique Telephony Museum and the Maitland Art Center, a National Historic Landmark.

I went to Lake Lily Park today to shop at the weekly farmers market and to people watch. It did not disappoint. It was lovely to see lots of families (human and avian) responsibly enjoying a morning out.

Black Bear Trail historical marker, Maitland, FL, a photo by Nichole Spates 2020
Lake LIly Park sign with cyclist in background, Maitland, FL a photo by Nichole Spates 2020
a photo of the fountain at Lake Lily, Maitland, FL by Nichole Spates 2020
a photo by Nichole Spates, 2020 of a farmer's market stand selling orchids in Maitland, FL
a family of ducks at Lake Lily in Maitland, FL, photo by Nichole Spates 2020
a photo of a woman feeding birds at Lake Lily Park in Maitland, FL , by Nichole Spates, 2020
Turtles sunning at Lake Lily, Matiland , FL, a photo by Nichole Spates 2020

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