Pines at Sunset

When you think of Florida, you may not think of livestock. Central Florida, especially North Central Florida, actually has quite a history as a center for the raising of cows and horses and even growing hay. Ocala, Florida, in fact, is actually designated one of the five Horse Capitals of the World and is home to the World Equestrian Center.

You may wonder why I’m rambling on about horses and cows. That is because the fields that house these animals are everywhere in Marion County Florida (Ocala is the county seat), and are ringed by the traditional wood fence and often a row of trees. Oaks or pines are the most common.

This image was taken in Marion County at sundown, looking through one of these tree dividers, shielding a field of cows.

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Pines at Sunset, a photo by Nichole Spates (c) 2019

Thanks for stopping by, and if you love horses, be sure to read about Ocala’s horse events at Florida Horse Park!

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