Jot Down Your Thoughts

Personally, my mind wanders often. My zodiac sign, Pisces, is depicted by two fish tied together, attempting to swim away on opposite directions.

That sums me up in a lot of ways, with my practical and creative sides straining against each other.

Having a special, meaningful place to jot down ideas, thoughts and most definitely reminders and to-do lists helps me to feel centered.

Fortunately, since opening my online shop on Society6 two years ago, I can get myself a custom printed notebook, featuring one of my own photographs, printed and delivered right to my door. They are excellent reminders to acknowledge my creative side.

This one, called Koi Pond, just arrived.


Take a look at the notebooks in my shop: LensMomentsNS

Prices vary because there are always sales, but generally range from $9 to $12 plus shipping.

Thanks for stopping by!













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