Lower East Side: What I Saw in NYC:

Formerly home to generations of striving immigrants, factories and industry, the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan has experienced a renaissance of sorts in the early 2000’s.  Grit was replaced by hip and age replaced with youth.  Old buildings were repurposed, rents went up and streets (some) were cleaned up.

Now this has progressed even further into full-on gentrification but it is mixed in with a bit of spunk and artistic flair.  The neighborhood is still alive and kicking and still a place of contrasts, although perhaps more marked than before.

I hope you enjoy these recent photos and that you get to visit the LES- what we locals call  it- if you’re ever in New York.

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PS- the LES and Chinatown run together, it’s often hard to tell one from other.

China Town Florist 2 2019
dueling florist 1
China Town Florist 1 2019
dueling florist 2

Dueling florists shops, one located one block from each other.

Muralists at Work Houston St. and 2nd Ave October 2019 photo by LensMomentsNS - Nichole Spates 2019
Muralists at Work Houston St. and 2nd Ave
sad looking condemned buidling in Manhattan's Lower East Side Oct 2019 photo by LensMomentsNS - Nichole Spates
An unrenovated, likely condemned block
Katz’s Deli: Decor- extremely retro Food: extremely oversized Price: ridiculously expensive
Essex Market 2019
And finally for something gentrified: the century old Essex Market as reopened in 2019

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