10 Years Ago, 5,266 Miles Away

I’ve been fortunate to visit Buenos Aires twice.  Once, with a group of friends and tango students in 2008, we escaped the chill in New York for the warm Fall weather of Argentina.  We ate, danced, drank and toured.

with Carlos Gardel, street art, buenos aires
Me and famous Tango Singer Carlos Gardel.

The second time, I went alone in 2009 to do a two week Spanish language course.  This time, I escaped July NYC heat and plunged right into the frosty Argentine winter.  Buenos Aires is in the North of the country, so it wasn’t all that cold in this New Yorker’s opinion.

Here’s a photo flashback of that second trip.  I like the photos from both trips, but the second one was a more realistic portrayal without the forced gaiety found in a city filled with food, wine and tango music and dance tourists.

Puppeteer and Puppet, San Telmo.

I’ve decided to focus on the people I photographed in this fascinating city.  I hope that you enjoy my memories!


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