Fraunces Tavern and Museum

Last week, I visited the time capsule that is the Fraunces Tavern and Museum, as it prepares the celebrate the building’s 300th Anniversary.  Although not originally the site of a tavern, the building has had one on site since 1762, while the land was under British rule.

Entrance to Fraunces Tavern, Historic doorway, lower Manhattan

For the last 100 years, the site has operated as both a series of historically styled tavern rooms and as a museum managed by the Sons of the Revolution on the upper floors.

Fraunces Tavern 18th century restored dining room
The gorgeous restored dining room

I admit to not being a Revolutionary War history buff, so I went through the Museum quickly.  That being said, I grew up and was educated in one of the original 13 colonies- Georgia- and lived for a while in Charleston, SC, another historic settlement.  If I had come from another part of the country, the contents of the Museum may have felt less familiar.

Replica of a Pistol owned by George Washington


I hope that these photos tell a bit of the story.  The flag room was particularly interesting.  If you are a history buff, I recommend a visit.

I did enjoy strolling around the Tavern block, which has been listed as a New York City Landmark for 50+ years, meaning that it must retain its original character.

DSCI0031 (2).JPG


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