In a Pickle

The idiom “in a pickle” means in a troublesome or difficult situation. That is where I find myself currently.  I left a steady full-time job because I had been miserable for years.  I was confident in my ability to find a new post because I have specific skills within the fundraising area which are in high demand.

I wrote about leaving my job in an earlier post: Lose Your Chains 

What I didn’t consider is that one my most marketable skill- as an expert in the Raiser’s Edge database is losing value by the week as more and more non-profits and higher education institutions switch to other systems that are easier to learn like Salesforce.

I have gotten some temp jobs, and interviews for full-time positions, but so far, after three months, no job offers.  I am in a pickle!  I am confident that i will get something permanent soon.  Send me good vibes!

However, this pickle has afforded me more time to work on my photography projects.  Dear readers, you can help me, if you already haven’t, by:

Visiting, Sharing, Pinning and/or Purchasing something from one of my two shops:

LensMomentsNS on Society Six

Some items featuring my photography from Society6

LensMomentsNS on VIDA Art

This little bit of income helps, but so do your likes and shares.  Thank you!

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