Train Track as Park, Andy Warhol and a Roadside Buddha

I’m delighted to be spending more time in the eccentric, crowded and ever-changing borough of Manhattan.  I love my home borough of Brooklyn, but over here, it seems like we look a little longer before we leap.

Yesterday, on a very chilly afternoon not long before sundown, an errand took me to the area known as Chelsea.  It is famous for gay culture, first-class contemporary art galleries and lately, for its rapid development.  The adjacent Hudson Yards development is rapidly evolving, and some new class towers are also rising in Chelsea, but so are new public art exhibits and well curated restorations of historic buildings.

I walked above street-level on the High Line, a formerly abadndoned elevated subway track that has become an extremely popular park.  For the first time EVER I walked it with ease…due to the cold weather and it being the off-season for tourists, I suppose.

All of the photos below were either taken from the vantage point of the High Line or at street level in the blocks surrounding it.  I exited the line at 15th Street, at the historic Chelsea Market and the “sub” neighborhood of the Meatpacking District.

If you enjoyed this, please also see my fair-weather post about this area from last year.


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