A Tale of Two Shards

Today’s RagTag Daily Prompt word is Shard.

When I was in London in 2016, I finally got to see the skyscraper known as the Shard that was completed in 2012.  Then I started to think of  my own City’s One World Trade Center as a shard as well.   The two buildings are complements to each other, one with it’s pointy top and the other with its flat top that narrows as it rises, both reaching glassily up to the heights. Both buildings are also know for their huge price tags, although I have to admit that the North American shard truly broke the bank.  Although our One World Trade tower was built on the site of a massive terrorist attack and is hallowed ground, so that would account for some of the expense.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this short tale of two shards!

The LONDON Tower- 95 stories high

London at Dusk
Photo taken from the internet- not mine!

The NEW YORK Tower-  102 stories high

I did my best to fit the whole tower in…it wasn’t easy

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