Christmas Tree Graveyard

heights-dumbo edited (1 of 1)-13Like many things, live Christmas trees are very expensive in New York City. Large local nurseries are very few and few and far between. “Treepreneurs” buy them and truck them into the city. They then take up residence on city sidewalks, sitting out for hours in the cold selling trees and wreaths.

Well-heeled New Yorkers pay between $40 and $1,000 for a tree which is then dragged or carried up narrow streets, into narrow hallways, up narrow stairs or elevators, to grace an apartment for a couple of weeks.

It’s a tough life for a young tree grown for this purpose. The tree then ends it’s short life on the sidewalk or in the gutter waiting for workers to take it away.

But it isn’t all for nothing, as the trees are chipped or composted by the City and used to nourish trees, shrubs and flowerbeds when spring finally comes.






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