Old Fashioned in the City

The Nov. 13 RagTag Daily Prompt is Past.

There’s no question that New York is a contemporary, cosmopolitan city.  It is also perhaps the United States’ oldest developed area, christened Nieuw Amsterdam  within the territory of New Netherland in the 1620s.  New Yorkers are proud of this and seem to have a smaller-town sense of sentimentality which may be why one can still find plenty of “old fashioned” items and traditions here today.

An internet search for “bespoke tailor” New York City returns over 200,000 results.  In fact, I just passed such a shop in Midtown yesterday.  Likewise, a search for “greeting card shop” returns over 47,000 results.  Who says the card is dead? Even good old fashioned egg creams are making a comeback after decades on the endangered list.  Here’s a 2014 article from the Gothamist: MappingOut the Best Egg Creams in NYC  and a  2018 article from amNY: Egg Cream Finding a Resurgence in Popularity

On a personal level as a digital photographer, I do miss old fashioned printed photos.  You may have read my two posts about the recent revamp of Instant Photography after an almost complete extinction, another new old fashioned trend.  I also miss personalized greeting cards.  Sending a cheap generic card, if one sends cards at all, is plain boring.

So, I have developed three sets of greeting cards, featuring my photography and marketed under my LensMoments brand.  The 4×6 prints are mounted on quality Strathmore blank cards with matching envelopes.

Want to send old fashioned greetings? I sell them in sets of 4 for $16 per set, and can mail them to you.  Payment accepted via PayPal.  Just leave a comment with the set you would like to purchase and I’ll get back to you!


Brooklyn Flowers set


Assorted Brooklyn set


Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Sepia set

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