Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO

Fittingly, the RagTag Daily Prompt today is HOME.  As a Brooklynite, I give you the fifth and final post in my Brooklyn neighborhoods series: Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Beach Overpass).  If you’ve ever been to New York City, are a fan of American TV or movies, or are an historian, architect, engineer, urban planner, photographer, etc, you’re probably already familiar with this area, even if you don’t realize it!
Old meets new here.  Big money meets art.  Stunning parks like the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park meet harbors, tourists meet locals and everyone and everything is on the move all the time!  It is a neighborhood that I have always found incredibly charming.  I went way back into my photo files to provide you a range of photos of this area that is always changing yet always connected to its past.
I hope that you enjoy it!  For more on places to visit, click here for NYCgo features on Brooklyn Heights  and DUMBO.  Also, see below the photos links to other WordPress posts from other bloggers about these storied neighborhoods.


20160805_15045420160805_214738Dumbo Public Art OWLSIMG_20140713_152841

More from fellow bloggers:

Brooklyn Heights


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