One thing that I noticed when I moved to New York many years ago was the amount of baggage (literal) that people carried around with them.  I soon realized that lack of cars was the main culprit. Transit riders can’t store their gym bag in the trunk of their car. Commuters don’t have time or the willingness to trek home via bus and/or train for lunch or to change clothes.

Like any other female New Yorker, I find myself on a constant quest for an attractive, durable all purpose bag. It doesn’t seem to exist!

The best alternative for me has been a regular handbag on one shoulder and a washable but cool tote bag on the other.

black tote

I’m thrilled that now I can market such a bag and also travel pouches  with my own photography on it. I hope you’ll consider one if these as gift giving season approaches! I can also print on black canvas and do larger sizes via Printful. Contact me if interest, and thanks for reading!

Visit my LensMomentsbyNS shop



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