An Hour in Chelsea

Last evening, I went for a steamy walk around Chelsea, west of 8th Avenue.  This is the area that includes the Highline park, a promenade built on top of an abandoned elevated subway track.  It is a major tourist destination and this being the height of New York City’s “season” (we get upwards of 40 million visitors a year!), I decided to avoid the Highline.  I was in the area for an art opening and on my way to and from opted instead to walk some of the streets more frequented by the locals.

This area is also known as the “Meatpacking District.”  Despite the grungy name, it has been completely re-purposed into a destination for the young, well-scrubbed and well healed, the trendy and posh.  However, the area itself still feels like old New York for most part.  An interesting coincidence.

Follow the photos and you’ll see what I mean!  Thanks for reading.

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