Instax Gratification

Some photographers are into gear and following the latest developments in a quest to create technically superior images. Others capture moments, events, feelings and focus less on technical prowess. Some fortunate ones are adept at both. At this time I am the non-technical kind. However, I was recently seduced by an old idea, the instant camera.

There’s no shortage of instant gratification in the life of someone like me today. I live in a wealthy country, in its largest city. I can satisfy just about any whim that my time and budget will allow.

But like me, many people I know become overwhelmed by this.  Our memories and experiences stack up fast and furious as tiny rectangles that reside in the cloud, in an app, or frozen as a jpeg on our computers. I print more often than most, but not usually without first studying and editing the image in Lightroom or Photoshop.

So, I was intrigued when Iearned of the rise of much improved instant cameras! I have just purchased a Fuji Square Sq10, a “hybrid” which combines digital camera features like an LCD screen, an internal memory and a micro SD card with the instant gratification of an instant print that you can watch develop in the palm of your hand.

Instax gratification!

Here are some of my first experiments.


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