Abstract or Simply Manipulated?

If you follow my blog, then you know that I am a photo enthusiast with ambition to be more. I am learning and developing all the time.  Unfortunately, I get more time to shoot than to hone my editing skills.  At this time, my digital manipulation skills are lacking

When I saw that the Share Six word for June is ABSTRACT, I knew I didn’t have any truly abstract images to share.  I have some interesting macro images that are what I consider “details” taken out of context but they are still based in the concrete.

So, I decided to take some recent photos taken at a very recognizable place and try to manipulate them into something if not abstract, less concrete.  This place is bright and shiny but to me always has an edge and an air of darkness.  That is why chose to convert the images to black and white and used a blue filter.

I hope that you enjoy these manipulations!


4 thoughts on “Abstract or Simply Manipulated?

  1. Thank you for joining in our theme this month. We allow the artist to interpret the theme as they see it and you have some great images. I love the black and white feel to them as well. Please do share more of your work on the different themes. You can also share on the Facebook Share Six page or on Instagram by tagging #sharesix_abstract.


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