Riding Back Through Time Over Brooklyn

It’s that time if year again! Every second or third weekend in June the entire history of New York City Transit’s subway fleet rolls between Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach and Coney Island stations.  This is a repost of a story I created in 2016.


While waiting for the train yesterday yesterday, my boredom was interrupted by an unfamiliar sound, a different sort of chugging noise.  I looked up to see a vintage subway train riding along the track across from me, full of smiling people sticking their heads through the large open windows.  My curiosity was piqued, so I googled “vintage subway” and “2016” and found that the New York City Transit Museum was running historic trains in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

The MTA New York City Transit agency is more than 100 years old and made up of the amalgamation of what were once several different lines, some elevated, some underground, some travelling between boroughs and some running more local routes.  In this post I will take you on a photographic replay of the trip I made through the Brighton Beach/Coney Island area on two vintage trains, one built in the late 1920s  and one built in 1915.







The advertising in the cars was quite interesting, there was everything from 5 cent soap to corned beef in a can and Liberty Bonds for sale.



I couldn’t end this post without a comment on the view.  I travel this route frequently, although at higher speeds and without the benefit of open windows.  The scenery, while not beautiful or even remarkable, does comment on this story.  The tight blocks with their facades of varying ages and views of the long-storied Brighton and Manhattan Beaches are players in this saga, just like the vintage trains themselves.  Time marches on


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