Striving to be Agile of Body and Mind


Today’s Daily Post Word is Agile.  This is a word that until this mid-point in my life would have made me think immediately of my dancing adventures.  I have, after all, been dancing in living rooms, at local dance studios, university dance departments, big-city dance studios, at social dance soirees and quirky indy venues for for four decades.

Tango dancers in Montreal

As I grow older, however, being agile of mind seems even more important.  I’ve always had a good, restless mind.  I manage change well and enjoy learning new things.  I love travel- the ultimate learning activity- and as a result, have extensively explored cities in four continents.  International travel certainly requires agility.

First time on a camel
Me. on a camel in Qatar- photo credit Berdj Mora

Now I’ve come to the point where I realize that learning new things is about more than beefing up my already solid resume or repertoire.  It is about staying agile, remaining mentally alert, challenging myself, learning more about myself, keeping myself interested in life and not succumbing to the drudgery of the daily grind.

Cheers to Agility!

On the rocks
Me at Dukhan, Qatar, Photo credit Kim Sturgess

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