Non-Verbal Conversation

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As a lifelong dancer, I propose that dance is the ultimate non-verbal form of communication, as it requires no verbal or written language, no technology or instrument other than the human body.  It produces conversations that can transcend languages, borders and centuries.  It can soothe, incite, problem-solve, entertain, arouse, affect, remember, etc, just like conventional verbal conversation.   Dance is elusive and hard to photograph, but here are some of my favorites that I have managed to capture over the years.


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2 thoughts on “Non-Verbal Conversation

  1. So true! Have you seen the video where two strangers (dancers) are put together to choreograph a dance – he’s Spanish (?) and she is Japanese (I think) – neither speak English. They do a great job!


    1. Hi Sandra. I don’t think I have, but I believe it! I love to go to Tango socials when I travel. All that’s needed is a quick hello for politeness…then we’re off on a non-verbal conversation. Thanks for reading my post!


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