Finding Humanity at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Having visited museums on three continents, I still get a thrill out of calmly strolling in to my “local” great art institution- The Metropolitan Museum Art.  I come in with an idea of exactly what I want to see, fresh feet, and (some) sense of direction.  I have the luxury of having visited many times.  I have carved out this time for a visit and am not just checking this “site” off my list.

I’m not knocking tourists- it is not always an easy job- sensory and muscle fatigue are common.  My most recent visit to the Met put me there in the height of New York City’s tourist season.  Tens of millions of tourists flock to the City and of these, a large percentage pass through the Met’s doors.

I decided to isolate myself from the throngs of selfie-takers by focusing on HUMAN elements in the museum.  For this reason, statues attracted me.  Here are some poor quality mobile phone shots that I think are still splendid in their human-ness.

I look forward to my next visit!

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