A National Treasure: the Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival

The magic of the annual Dance Parade lies in its diversity and inclusiveness.  Performers of dance traditions from around the world travel from all corners of the USA to troop their colors and celebrate their traditions with New Yorkers.  A large swath of downtown yields to this colorful onslaught of energy and spirit.

In my humble opinion, the parade is a national treasure, the best free entertainment available and a means of opening the eyes of thousands to new cultures.

Here are some shots of children dancing down Union Square West in the Parade.


Demonstrating that men dance too, here are some powerful male performers.

Strong, beautiful women of all kinds shined as well.

Long live the New York City Dance Parade and Festival!




WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge-Candid City Faces

I am not a portrait-taker.  Despite the fact that I am usually attuned to scenes and cityscapes as subjects for my photos, sometimes faces find their way in in meaningful ways.  In response to WordPress’s photo challenge this week, I have chosen these few shots to honor the faces in the crowd.