Looking for Photographic Inspiration: London vs. NYC

Update:  I’ve decided to go with these two themes for my upcoming photographic journey to London.  They seem apropos given the state of our world, with economic and refugee crises abounding.
Decay vs. Decadence  and Foreign vs. Local

I’m sure that I can parallel images to shoot here in New York when I return.  Stay tuned!


My camera and I are London-bound soon for a week’s worth of rest and recreation.  I have always wanted to do a side-by-side story about two different cities.  It has never worked out- I lacked central ideas to hold it together. So, instead, I’ve done series, which definitely have their merits, but I want to take it further this time. The first time I went to London years ago, I shot a series of Pubs!

I’m thinking of these themes, for which I will shoot new images in London and will draw from  my personal collection of NYC images to make the comparison.

Glaring examples of old vs. new

Decay vs. Decadence

Foreign vs. Local

Creativity vs. banality

If you have other ideas, I’d really love to hear them!  I leave you with a mini series- Urban Chinatowns!



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