A River, A Birds-Eye View, Some Entertainment and a Little Relaxation

This post attempts to chronicle an hour spent in a New York City Park on a sultry summer evening.  Battery Park is located in the literal and figurative shadows of skyscrapers both standing and destroyed.  Its plush greenery serves as a narrow buffer between the concrete of lower Manhattan and the churn of the Hudson River. These photos are about the coming together of disparate types of people in Battery Park for a myriad of purposes.  It is about moments planned and unplanned, ships quite literally passing in the night, and the clash between city and nature.  It is about beauty and hope and the bittersweet notion that both of these can disappear in an instant.

The dancers featured in these photos were presented by the 2015 Battery Dance Festival, representing the companies BOOMERANG and Cornfield Dance.

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August, Wednesday Evening, Battery Park 


A Mini-Post on Alphorns in SoHo

On a recent, hot Saturday, I was walking through New York’s West Village and SoHo neighborhoods. Being the intrepid blogger that I am, I had my my eye attuned to my surroundings for items of interest, when I heard, and then saw, something incredible.  A man in what appeared to be Austrian country formal wear and another man were playing two very long horns outside of the Victorinox Swiss Army store on Wooster Street.  As they blew, the horns sounded like long, low, bellows or far away, slowing moving ship horns.  More interesting to me were the instruments’ simple beauty.

This unexpected encounter is another example of what makes New York City fascinating.  You never know what you will find around the corner. I will share a few pictures with you now, and I hope that someday you too may stumble upon these unusual instruments!

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The horns and the demonstration were provided by the International Alphorn Society, Division of New Jersey Workshop for the Arts.