Urban Facades

Today, in the spirit of summer travels, I am looking beyond New York as I put together this post.  The Big Apple is still present, but so are fellow cities Buenos Aires, Dublin and Paris.

My years as a city-dweller have taught me that finding affordable, comfortable and conveniently located housing in a metropolis is much like playing the lottery- a game of chance, with more losers than winners.  I’ve been fortunate to live in some great neighborhoods, in some interesting spaces, but I have also lived in generic brick buildings on anonymous blocks.

So, today, I celebrate city homes that have caught my eye over the years.  I hope you enjoy them!

Brooklyn House

A flawlessly maintained grand brownstone in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York.

Dublin House

A gorgeous Georgian townhome in Dublin.

Buenos Aires House

An example of the beautiful painted facades of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paris House

This grand mansion is crammed into a block of smaller buildings in Paris, France.

Manhattan House

This vine-covered brownstone was a welcome surprise on a not-very-green block on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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